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What is DominoQQ and how is the game usually played?


If you spend time gambling in online casinos, you will have seen the game Domino QQ available in an ever increasing number of rooms.

This is due to the Indonesian game becoming one of the most popular gambling games in recent years.

What is DominoQQ, where did it originate and how is the game usually played?

After all, if you play it as a way to win money, you will want to know as much about the game as you can before you start.


What is DominoQQ? — The game is similar to two other very popular games — poker and the Chinese game pai gow.

It is played similarly to poker and uses dominoes instead of playing cards just like the game pai gow.

DominoQQ originated in Indonesia and has been popular there for many years. Many serious players moved their gameplay online in the last few years, however, as gambling is illegal in Indonesia and punishment is severe.

That is because it can be easy for authorities to discover someone gambling in an offline group, but far less easy if they are gambling on DominoQQ on an Internet-based casino with a VPN.


How is DominoQQ played? — The game is played with two sets of dominoes that have every blank domino removed before the tiles are dealt.

Before each player is dealt any domino, however, each person must place a set amount of money into the pot as the first bet. Dominoes are then dealt to each player face down.

Players look at their dominoes to see if they are able to create one of several high ranking hands with them. The game then begins and each player decides to bet, fold, call or raise as it becomes his or her turn.

If they decide to bet, the amount they can stake in the first round is limited to a specific amount.

At the end of the round, there are two ways the game can progress. It will end if only one person has placed a bet, and that person claims the pot, or it will continue into a second round if two or more have bet.

During the second round, each player left in the game is dealt another domino. If they bet in the second round, the amount can also be higher than in the first.

At the end of the second round, every player must show their dominoes and the winner is awarded the pot.


Where to play DominoQQ — With many online casinos now hosting the game, it is up to you to find the best one for your specific needs.

Be sure to check a casino’s reputation before registering. You can do that by asking other DominoQQ player where they play online.