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Stop Making These Online Sports Betting Mistakes


Eliminate the following mistakes from your agen bola online sports betting sessions and you are going to be in a better position to be able to start winning more money than you ever imagined. These are not challenging techniques to say the least, they only require your focus on commitment so that you stop falling back on bad habits.

Concentrating on Your Betting

The first thing to focus on is your concentration. There is no way you can spot a swing in a point spread or a player injury if you are posting to social media or talking on the phone while playing. Sit in a quiet room and pay close attention to the numbers. When you are focused on how a team has performed, then you will be able to see unique opportunities that will get you in the winner’s circle.

Setting the Right Betting Limits

Set a limit for the day, then stick to that limit without excuses. If you say you will quit when you win or lose 20 percent of the bankroll, it doesn’t matter how fast, you have to quit. This will ensure that you never go broke in a single betting session and that you start to stack successes on top of each other too. Too many players start out with this plan, then when they have a good day decide to make one huge bet with house money. This is your money if it is in your bankroll, so start thinking more along those lines.

Changing the Size of Your Bets

Take a look at the size of your bankroll compared to the size of the bets that you are making each day. When you only have a few hundred dollars in your bankroll and you are betting fifty dollars a game, you will be at zero when you lose four bets. Reduce the size of your bets so that you are only risking a fraction of your bankroll during each game. It might take longer to grow your bankroll, but by the same token, it will take much longer to go broke too.

Research and More Research

Stop listening to friends who have a sure thing or going with your gut on who will win a game. Research is the only way that you will find the information needed to pick winners more often. Spend more time studying player injuries and trends, and you will see that you are picking winners more than losers. Once you reach that tipping point, you will start to see your bankroll move in the right direction.

Now that you know what you need to avoid to start winning at sports betting, focus on one of these tips at a time until you are able to see a huge improvement in your game and your bankroll.